Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Saga Continues: Star Trek VS Star Wars

So the theme this week is television?  I was not sure which direction I wanted to take this.  I could rile up the age old arguments.  Star Trek or VS Star Trek The Next Generation.  How about Captain Picard VS Captain Kirk?   Well my choice is close to those but not quite.  I decided on Star Trek VS Star Wars.  What did you say?  Star Wars is a movie and not television?  Well I think The Tinys would disagree with you.  As they pointed out over our dinner discussion last night, The Clone Wars is a television show.

So down to business.  How would I compare these two?  Each has their merits.  I may be biased towards Star Trek just a little.  But come on. . . Mr. Spock, Lt. Cmdr Data, and of course, Captain Picard. . . just to name a few.  Can you really tell me that Luke, Han, and Yoda (okay maybe Yoda) can compare to these guys?

This was actually a very serendipitous choice of topic as The Tinys started a debate about Wars VS Trek over dinner last night.  It all started when, just before we sat to down to eat, Tiny Bard noticed that Sheldon had put up a Facebook update.  We pointed out that it was likely just an assistant who does his updates for him.  When we were all sitting and piling food onto our plates  Sleepy Bard asked me if I knew who did  do all of his own updates.  She told me that George Takei was in total control of his tweets and FB statuses.

"Who's that?"  Tiny Artist chimed in.

When we explained that he played Sulu on Star Trek we of course got another question.

"Who's Sulu?"

I explained that Mr. Sulu was a character on Star Trek. 

"Star Trek sucks,"  he responded bluntly. 

"Star Wars is much better." Tiny Bard added.

Oh, you poor children.  Who raised you?  I told them that while Star Wars does have its merits, if I had to choose only one to be in my life it would have to be Star Trek.  Sleepy Bard agreed with me.

"But I thought you liked Star Wars more, Mommy,"  responded Tiny Artist.

She pointed out that while she enjoys both, and likes Star Wars more,  she had grown up on Star Trek.

"Star Trek is horrible.  Star Trek The New Generation is even worse,"  Tiny Artist said.

I corrected him and offered that he probably  meant The Next Generation.

"I don't care.  That's how little it means to me.  I don't care about the name."

Oh My. . . These kids need help.  The exchange was more or less over at this point.  We pointed out how only 3 of the 6 movies in Star Wars were worth anything.  Which means that choosing Trek would give more content.

"The Clone Wars television show is good, too," Tiny Bard interjected.

He had a point.  But no.  The Clone Wars is not worth what Star Trek is.  I may need to subject these kids to a Star Trek marathon (I am currently in the process of watching the entire Next Generation again). 

I did point out to them that had Star Trek not existed they wouldn't have their precious Star Wars.

Editor's Note: I don't know if this is really the truth or not.

"The next words from my mouth are not rooted in fact,"  I said. "Had George Lucas not seen how successful Star Trek was, he would not have decided to jump on the space bandwagon and make Star Wars."

They gave me looks with a clear meaning.  I was crazy.  Perhaps.  But Star Trek will always be the superior franchise to me.  I kind of went off course explaining my reasoning behind this.  I suppose I'll have to save my more detailed arguments for a future post.  Right now I have to get some sleep.  If I don't, I won't be up in time to wake up the moose (by the way did you happen to read about that? You can read that if you follow me to Waking the Hibernating Moose).

Live long and prosper, Sprites.


  1. If you're counting both TV and movies as "content," what about video games? And toys? Star Wars has you beat there.

  2. Well I'll give you that Star Wars has far more and better games. Toys might be more numerous than Star Trek, but I've seen some pretty rad Trek toys. That said, I still think Star Trek has more content. Remember we are talking hundreds of episodes and 12 movies to date.

  3. I need to watch both Star Wars and Star Trek... I keep meaning to do it because I feel like the only person who hasn't. Need to get on this!

    1. How have you survived your whole life without seeing either? I didn't think that was possible.

  4. wow, I had no idea that Star Trek could be so - generational. I grew up watching Star Trek and TNG, because my dad grew up watching Star Trek. We are big fans of Gene Roddenberry in my house. It was a sad day (my senior year in high school) when he died.

    1. I'm thankful I discovered the show. I grew up in a house where "nerd" stuff wasn't a big deal. I would just hear whispers of a show called Star Trek from others and found it on my own.

  5. I'm totally with you, I love Star Trek. I can say that freely here, because my husband wont read. His heart breaks every time he hears me say that...