Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sorry for my Absence a Zombie Needed my Attention

Hey, Sprites!  Sorry for my absence these past few days.  As you may have heard Sleepy Bard was feeling ill.  I was spending a large portion of those days to trying to make her feel better.  I also attempted to watch The Walking Dead with her but because I had other responsibilities I missed out on most of the third season (Sleepy Bard put up her method on How to Watch theEntire Third Season of The Walking Dead in Under 24 Hours.  And in response I put up my guide on How Notto Watch the Entire Third Season of The Walking Dead in Under 24 Hours).

Aside from that I also had my first major writing job.  It may have been small compared to things that established writers get but it means quite a bit to me.  I was paid to write a guide on an online video game.  How cool is that?

I have also picked up one other writing assignment that is a bit less exciting.  I am finding every excuse to put it off until later.  Come on it's not due until Friday. . . I still have time.  I'll start working on it sometime today I guess.

Other than that not much happened these past few days.  It was pretty much lounging around the house.  Unless you count taking The Tinys to and from school.  Or running to the grocery store for various cures for Sleepy Bard's illness.

Yeah so, I'm back.  I know you missed me, as I missed you.

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