Monday, October 7, 2013

Man Sandwich: It's What's for Lunch

It's so good to see my Sprites again.  So much has been going on around our house, it's surprising that it's already Monday again.  Of course, Monday means that The Tinys need to head off to school.  And, of course, going to school means that they will need lunches.

Well, Tiny Bard had the task of making the lunches each night.  However, he has since decided to trade his chore for one of Tiny Artist's.  So from here on out Tiny Bard will be cleaning the bedroom and Tiny Artist will be making school lunches.

You probably already see where this is going.  If Tiny Artist is in charge of lunches hilarity must be soon to follow.  Right you are!  Follow me to How to Make a ManSandwich to see how his first night went.

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